Monday, December 29, 2008

"Making a Plan" Edition

Check out this week's Homesteading Carnival as Danielle shares an inspirational edition The 76th Homesteading Carnival "Making a Plan" Edition. Take a minute to stop by over there, and leave a comment, social bookmark, and announce it!

I will be updating with next week's host!

Also, each year I do a winter bundle of prizes to giveaway, and this year’s WB has just begun! You will have a chance to enter and win prizes worth almost $700 - all which include homemaking, sewing, books, blog-designs, DVDs, clothing items, accessories, homeschooling curriculum, and much more! Please stop by, and help me kick off the Winter Bundle by letting others know and stay tuned on how you can enter your favourite items!

See you there!

Miss Jocelyn, founder and publisher of the Feelin’ Feminine site, is a senior homeschool student with a passion for writing truth. She blogs from her heart at A Pondering Heart, designs blogs at A Pondering Heart Boutique, and is also the Sr. Exec. Marketing-Manager for GGMagazine.

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

THC - The Lost Internet Edition

Well, it may be a day late, but Rachel explains it all in this edition of the carnival...THC - The Lost Internet Edition. Please stop by, leave a comment, and then use your social networks and bookmarks to promote it!

I will be updating the blogcarnival forum so you can get your submissions for next week in directly!


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Monday, December 22, 2008


The carnival is a bit overdue this week as we've had weather and internet complications! Rachel shall have it up as soon as possible though!


Monday, December 15, 2008

The Homestead Carnival #74 ~ The Holiday Edition

"Welcome to the Holiday Edition of the Homestead Carnival. If all of you are as I am you are very busy preparing for the Holidays so I'm going to make this edition: Short and Sweet. However, I'd like to thank everyone that posted an entry this week. If we weren't in a busy seasons I'd..." The Homestead Carnival #74 ~ The Holiday Edition

Make sure to send in your submission for next week. Lady Rachel at A City on a Hill will be hosting for the first time! I hope everyone is staying warm and enjoying the snow and cold weather somehow. lol

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Monday, December 8, 2008

"Buiding Mr. Perfect" Editiold

Amanda at the Daily Planet did a SUPER cute job on this week's carnival.... with the "Building Mr. Perfect" Edition. So cute. You MUST go see what she did and how she put everything together! Here's an excerpt:
While I haven’t made snowmen in a very long time, years in fact, I still enjoy seeing them and today I am going to show us how to build the Perfect snowman for your white yard!
So get your coat, hat, scarf and gloves ready to go as we set out to make Mr. Perfect you have been dying to have in your front yard!

Before we set out, we need to make sure we have all our supplies to build Mr. Perfect.

Please make sure you leave a comment, post, and use your social networks to get more readers in! Here's the info for next week's hosting:
Host blog ¤ Lighter Side
Scheduled for ¤ Dec 15, 2008
Submission deadline ¤ Dec 14, 2008 23:59:23 -0500
Current status ¤ This edition is upcoming.
Carnival ¤ the homesteading carnival thc
Maintained by ¤ The Homesteading Carnival

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Thursday, December 4, 2008

December 2008

First I wanted to let you know I have nearly all the weeks in December filled for hosts. If you're interested in hosting for any coming weeks I would love to hear from you. Yu can either leave a comment or send me an email.

Also, if you have a Blogger account I'd encourage you to follow the Homesteading Carnival so you can see when it's updated. If you don't have a blogger account sign up for the feedburner on the sidebar. Just enter in your email address and each time the blog is updated you'll get an email.

I was wondering what are some of your favourite blogs to visit that inspire or encourage you in these categories: recipes, gardening, farm animals, homemaking, baking, outdoors, sewing, tutorials, life on the homestead, etc. Oh would you mind inviting them to join the carnival by either emailing or leaving a comment with our link. ;)

Last thing is.... Can anyone believe it's already December 2008? Wow, Only another 31 days and then it will be 2009, a new year, a new chapter. Growing In Grace Magazine just published their 11th issue for the month of December, and you will want to check out some of the great articles…. interview, reviews, giveaways, tutorials, education, and spiritual encouragement!

“We hope you will enjoy the articles, interview, reviews, and recipes in this month’s issue and may your last month in 2008 be a month to grow closer to Christ!”-Sisterlisa, Publisher of GGM

Please stop by and check out the issue. Sisterlisa redesigns the layout each month, and this month she did a fantastic job for our winter theme. You are also able to take either or both of the GGM icon and calendar. Very cute!

Also, I wanted to let you know about the Home-Educator Appreciation event that GGM is hosting, where you can nominate the teacher just by writing why you appreciate them. Then they’re entered in for a chance to win one of three categories. The prizes for these categories worth over $300 and are well-worth it! I know that some of you will want your teacher to win because these aren’t just prizes for parents…… I know some of you ladies will be interested in the Sensibility E-Pattern [of your choice] by Jennie Chancey or maybe one of the blog-designs!

Go look and see, and then nominate your teacher. If you don’t want to enter then just stick the icon on your sidebar! I’ve already put one on here and my personal site!


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