Friday, May 6, 2011

Carnival #176 "May" Edition

Welcome to the 
of the homesteading carnival

Leineriza presents Growing and Gardening in Sandy Soil posted at Back to the Roots, saying, "If you’re lucky enough to have sandy soil in your area, don’t despair. It’s a problem that’s easily solved. It needs work more than other soil types but if done right, improving sandy soil could be one of your gardening trophies. We’ll tell you how."

Samuel Benson presents Sewn Together by a Thread: Top 50 Tapestry Blogs posted at Liberal Arts Degree, saying, "What did people do before digital cameras or even photography? Back in the 1400’s, they used to make tapestries, a form of art using textiles woven on a wooden device called a loom. The subjects of tapestries included everything from religious works to landscapes."

Clair Schwan presents Rattlesnakes – Small Homestead Predators for Any Size Prey | SELF RELIANCE WORKS posted at SELF RELIANCE WORKS, saying, "Clair Schwan of suggests that rattlesnakes are predators of concern to any size and type of animal, including homesteaders."

TheWHOLEPlace presents Resource Conservation: Wet Weather Creek posted at The WHOLE Place, saying, "Use recycled materials to create a beautiful garden landscaping accent for roof rainwater run-off."

Dana presents And we have bees! posted at Roscommon Acres.

Paul Taylor presents 10 Essential Things to Prepare Your Yard for spring posted at Connect Utilities.

Allen Delper presents 20 DIY Storage Ideas for Your House posted at AAS Degree, saying, "Get your house into shape with these easy DIY storage ideas. For those who have a lot of stuff, it’s important to keep it organized to prevent a major mess or hoarding situation from happening."

Mary Ann Adams presents Catching chickens posted at Mary Ann's Country Garden, saying, "Catching chickens is something to which all homesteaders can relate; this is a short, funny post that's been well-received on my blog. Thanks for your consideration."

jackyJACKYALSI presents Sip Your Broccoli posted at farm fresh city kitchen.

jackyJACKYALSI presents Which plants should I plant in my garden? posted at small garden love.

Fred Lee presents 10 Easy Freezer Friendly Meals posted at Parenting Squad.

Fred Lee presents 30 Hard Boiled Egg Recipes posted at Parenting Squad.

That concludes this edition. Submit your blog article to the next edition of the homesteading carnival using our carnival submission form.



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