Monday, September 12, 2011

Carnival #180 "September News" Edition

Welcome to the 
September Edition 
of the homesteading carnival

Chloe presents How To Organize A Closet: The Ultimate Guide posted at Get Set Organize, saying, "I hope this is OK. Thanks, Chloe"

Katherine Tworsey presents 10 Regular Products That Are More Environmental Friendly than Their So-called Green Counterparts posted at Compare Electricity Rates.

Phil Nauta presents Dolomite Lime - How Liming Your Soil Is Likely Hurting Your Garden posted at Smiling Gardener.

jacky presents DIY Friday: Unusual, But Lovely Recycled Planters posted at small garden love.

Prudence presents One Secret To Successful Survival Prepping posted at Prudence, saying, "Part of a great homestead is being self reliant."

Emily King presents Pickle This, Sourpuss! posted at The Finicky Farmer, saying, "Many thanks for moderating this blog carnival!"

Jennifer Bardsley presents Afterschooling, a Definition posted at Teaching My Baby To Read, saying, "What happens if you can't Homsechool? All about Afterschooling and how can you use it to help support your child's education."

Barbara Feldman presents 10 Common but Crazy Lawn Decorations posted at Connect Utilities.

Lisa Brooks presents 10 Ways to Get Rid of an Old Couch posted at Movers and Packers.

Fred Lee presents Beyond The Diaper Cake: 16 Easy Tips For Baby Shower Decorating posted at Parenting Squad.

Tara Willson presents 10 Things I Love About My Hands Free Phone posted at Shop Phone Service, saying, "Hands free mobile phones are becoming more common in cars, and offer some big advantages over hand-held devices. Now that I have one in my own vehicle."

Carol J. Alexander presents Cleaning Chicken Feet posted at Everything Home with Carol.

Kris presents Foods to avoid: The four worst foods to eat when losing weight posted at Kris Health Blog, saying, "A list of the four worst foods to eat when when on a diet. You might be surprised because some of these foods to avoid are often considered healthy."

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