Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Carnival #182 "November Edition"

Welcome to the 
November Edition 
of the homesteading carnival

jacky presents Front-Door Fall Decor posted at small garden love.

Fred Lee presents Straight From the Heart: Care Package Ideas for College Students posted at Parenting Squad.

conservation mart presents Simple Ways to Weatherize: How to Pick the Correct Size Attic Tent posted at Energy & Water Conservation Blog, saying, "Insulating the attic door with an Attic Tent is a light-weight, simple, and cost-effective way to reduce the amount of unwanted air infiltration from the attic into the home, and it comes in many sizes to fit over many different attic doors."

David Leonhardt presents Solar Panel Installation posted at The Solar Ontario Blog, saying, "If you are thinking about adding solar energy to your property, either to be self-sufficient or to sell to the grid, here is a rare photo shoot of the installation process."

conservation mart presents Simple Ways to Weatherize: Use Window Air Conditioner Covers to Stop Air Leakage posted at Energy & Water Conservation Blog, saying, "Indoor air conditioners provide great relief from the hot air that summer brings. However, during the colder months of the year an indoor air conditioner becomes a source for drafts. When drafts come into a home, energy is lost, resulting in an increase in energy bills. Instead of ripping the unit out of the wall and covering that hole every winter, install window air conditioner covers over the AC unit. It is a simple way to insulate the air conditioner and increase the level of comfort in the home without increasing bills."

David Pearce presents 7 Easy Steps To Property Investing : Real Estate posted at Real Estate, saying, "Do you want to be in Real Estate"

Kat presents let nature do the work posted at the part-time life.

Fred Lee presents Tips for Curbing a Non-Stop Tween Talker posted at Parenting Squad.

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