Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Carnival #178 "July News" Edition

Welcome to the 
"Summer Activities" edition 
of the homesteading carnival

Sun tea to go was posted at Just Call Me Jamin.  This is an absolutely cute idea for personal sun tea bottles.  Who would have thought.

Homemade sidewalk chalk posted at Real Moms...Real Views.

Posted at Share and Remember is Ice Cube Painting idea.  Maybe on a rainy day you might want to try  Spinner Salad painting posted by Jenny at Adventures of the Smith Family.  Try Water Balloon Painting posted at My Oatmeal Kisses by Kate now that looks like it could be a whole lot of fun. 

When you hear those famous summer words, "Mom, I'm bored" check out some ideas that Anne posted at her blog Anne Elliott.

Kara has given us some ideas on planning Summer Time Fun she has also posted a post on Exploring Nature with your Senses both are posted at Simple kids

Nicole has posted some Summer Arts and Crafts ideas at Bless Their Hearts Mom

Summer is a great time for lots of out-door activities along with that we must learn how to stay safe in the sun head over to Jinxy Knows Best and see her post of Summer Sun guidelines.

Check out Michelle's post on making your own crape paper dance streamer ring at Best Toys for Toddlers.

How about this wacky wig posted at Jellyfish Jelly.

Cool off with some drink recipes:
Blueberry Lemonade at Bless their Hearts mom
Watermelon Lime slushy at Cara Putman
Kiwi and Strawberry Lemonade at Mom's Best Bets
Nectarine Banana Smoothie at Jinxy Knows Best

Cute snacks are found here:
Little fruit Skewers at the Silly Pearl
Simple summer snacks at Simple kids

other summer goodies:
fresh strawberry pie at Scraps of Life
strawberries and cream cheese pie or Strawberry Shortcake cookies at Heritage Schoolhouse
Hamburger cookies at Come together Kids
Summer cupcakes at  a nut in a nutshell
strawberry cream cake at Confessions of a Homeschooler

Jamin at Just call me Jamin has a cool way to keep cool on a hot summer day.  learn how to make these cool scarves in her post.

Jessica Christman presents Pin Cushion Jar posted at factorydirectcraft.com.

Lynn presents Gardening posted at Homesteading Chic.

Havard presents How to start your own vegetable garden posted at Courageous Mind.

Amy Broadmoore presents 10 Children's Books About Gardening posted at Delightful Children's Books, saying, "For those of you with kids, here are ten excellent books about gardening. This list includes some lovely stories (e.g. Two Old Potatoes and Me, Vera’s Bean Tent, The Curious Garden) and oodles of gardening inspiration."

Mr. Strawberry presents Growing Strawberries posted at Strawberry Plants .org, saying, "Include strawberries in your homestead. This growing guide will help even a novice successfully grow the perennial strawberry. Plant once, harvest for years!"

Mr. Strawberry presents Strawberry Recipes posted at Strawberry Plants .org, saying, "Make use of your harvested strawberries with these tasty strawberry recipes. Included in this multi-category directory are numerous methods of preserving strawberries for future use."

heartland frugalista presents Composting 101: An Interview with Annie LeFort posted at Heartland Living on a Budget.

Leineriza presents Composting 101: 7 Things to Remember When Making Compost posted at Back to the Roots, saying, "If you’re thinking of using compost that you made yourself instead of buying it from your favorite garden store, here are seven simple things to remember before you start going crazy making compost."

WP Ho presents 9 Natural Anti-Inflammatory Herbs You May Not Know posted at The Conscious Life, saying, "Have a garden? Why not plant herbs that fight inflammation and keep you healthy all without harmful chemicals? Here are some potent herbs to consider."

Mountaineer Country presents So Easy to Preserve posted at Mountaineer Country, saying, "Thank you!"

Miss Nirvana presents 10 Canning Projects that Make Great Gifts posted at Creating Nirvana.

Paul Hench presents 25 travel tips, "With a new travel season always upon us, the internet can be full of sites and blogs that feature deals on airfare, hotels, amusement parks, and much more. But there is no guarantee that shelling out big bucks will ensure a good time. Especially if the most unpredictable travelers: kids, happen to be with you." posted at Masters in Public Health.

Keith Howard presents 10 Ways to Build a Deck That Lasts posted at Lawn Care Service.

Katherine Tworsey presents 10 Ways to Avoid Electrostatic Shocks posted at Compare Electricity Rates.

Laura Grace Weldon presents Unintentional Farm Art posted at Bit of Earth Farm, saying, "It's possible to see form and beauty in unintentional sculpture."

Katherine Tworsey presents 10 Reasons Why Going Green Can Cost You More Green posted at Compare Electricity Rates.

Thomas W presents Interview with Mike Higgs from Canada: We Like to Experiment posted at Happy Farming.

Tom Gilmour presents Is Water Damage Occurring in YOUR Home? posted at MDL Restoration Inc., saying, "Radiant heat systems in Levittown homes can cause water damage. Leak detection for radiant floors in Middletown, water extraction, flood cleanup restoration services."

Laura Grace Weldon presents Pioneer Delusions Doused posted at Bit of Earth Farm, saying, "Especially this year, I’m glad my family’s existence isn’t based on my ability to grow and preserve food for the next winter."

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