Friday, September 26, 2008

Low Immune System?

YoungMommy i'm sick... can you believe that? why must i get sick right before vacation? hope i'm better by saturday

Miss Jocelyn aww dear, how are you sick?

YoungMommy i seem to get sick before big trips... you know, stress lowers your immune system? i'll be fine, tho, it's just a cold.

Miss Jocelyn oh ok You need to take some raw honey, by spoonful or in something. :) VERY good for you. READ HERE:

YoungMommy does it have to be "raw" honey? where do i get it?

Miss Jocelyn it should be raw so none vitamins are gone, and you can get it at health store or if anyone has organic stuff they might have it. we get ours from a small, local market type place in town. wal-mart doesn't carry raw honey

YoungMommy calling hubby now to ask him to stop and get me raw honey... thanks!

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