Friday, September 5, 2008

Flip-Flop Cake

My sister, Lady Rachel, was looking at the other day for recipes, and stumbled onto some really neat cake ideas. Ideas for, not only birthday cakes, but for any occasion. There were quite a few designs I liked, but I think my favourite was the Flip-Flop one, though I'm not a flip-flop type of girl. They have the recipe and supplies you need on the site, and a tutorial video too.

How to make a flip flops birthday cake

Flip-Flops CakeFlip-flopping on what to serve for dessert? Create the talk of the dessert table with delicious colorful "sandals." Print out this template and use it as a guide to cutting and assembling your flip-flops.

Prep Time:45 min
Start to Finish:2 hr 30 min
Makes:15 servings
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This cake idea could be used for a birthday, a girl's night, a or a summer get together. Very cute idea, and you can add whatever candies or frost it whatever colour you want!

I also enjoyed learning a few tips on how to decorate a birthday cake and get the "dome" off the top after it's done baking. I really enjoyed looking at the bettycrocker site, and though they tell you to use boxed-cake mixes it's a pretty resourceful site.

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