Wednesday, September 10, 2008

HonCin Face Scrub

Since June I have been using a new face scrub that works wonderfully and is safe and all natural for your skin. I make it myself and the ingredients are very simple. You use cinnamon and raw honey, and that’s all. Honey contains many, many vitamins that are good for your body inside and out. A Spoonful Of Honey keeps the ailments down, but add cinnamon to the mix and you’ve got some powerful stuff.

CinHon Face Scrub:

1 tablespoon of cinnamon

2 tablespoons of honey

Now you can make the face scrub right when you’re going to use it or before and preserve it by sticking it into the refrigerator. I haven’t been able to do it yet, but I’d like to make some and put it in an old mask tube or face pump that way when I need it I can just squirt it out.

Because honey is naturally runny the scrub may run if you choose to leave it on for a while working like a mask, especially if it’s hot out. I prefer doing this over just washing my face with it because it is able to work on my skin longer. The info from where I originally got this recipe says to leave it on overnight but I have yet to figure out how this is done, especially because I do toss and turn during the night. If you use this scrub continually for two weeks, and especially leaving it on for at least half and hour, it is proven to remove zits from the roots.

The cinnamon is actually pretty grainy so when you go to wash it off go in a circular motion to scrub any dirt or dead skin off.

The first time I used this I was desperate to get rid of a nasty zit on my forehead and when I had applied it and rinsed it off half and hour later my zit had gone down a considerable amount. My face also felt SO soft and smelled like honey too!

I really enjoy using this and it takes nothing to make. Yes, the honey may be expensive but it’s natural and not anymore, if less, that what you’d have to pay for some good organic face wash. Go on and try it! You’ll feel the results instantly!


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