Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Carnival # 152 "First of Summer" Edition

Welcome to the June 28, 2010
"First of Summer" Edition

of the homesteading carnival

Carol J. Alexander presents Remove Tar from Skin posted at Everything Home...with Carol.

Carl Andrews
presents 10 Ways to Get Your Photographs Noticed posted at Photography Schools Online.

Fred Lee presents The Importance of Arts Education for Children posted at Parenting Squad.

Kat Sias presents Home - Reeled Charter | Fishing Directory | Charter Fishing Trips | Community - Reeled Charter | Fishing Directory | Charter Fishing Trips | Community posted at Fishing fun | Family Outdoor Activities, saying, "Fishing news, stories, articles, for the entire family. Families go green, do more family-oriented outdoor activities. Go on a fishing vacation or charter trip. Whatever it is about fishing you love, online fishing games, or just the sport of fishing itself, you've come to the right place to get "reeled". Best of all you can join our cool fishing social network for even more fishing fun."

SWE presents 4 Great Crafts To Sell On Ebay posted at Selling stuff with Ebay, saying, "These are four simple craft ideas that can be sold on ebay!"

BWL presents Deciding If You Can Afford Christian School Tuition posted at Christian Personal Finance, saying, "Like many parents, my wife and I are committed to sending our children to Christian school. For eleven years now, we have been paying exorbitant tuition rates that sometimes, frankly, were barely affordable...

Linda@NHE presents 5 Ways Massage Therapy Assists In Weight Loss posted at Natural Health Ezine, saying, "Massage therapy has been practiced for many years mainly for relaxation but the aspect of using it as a weight loss solution is slowly coming to the forefront."

Native Health Remedies presents Which Produce Should You Buy Organic? posted at Native Remedies Blog.

MoneyNing presents Learning to Say “No” to Your Kids posted at Money Ning, saying, "How do you say no to kids who want everything?"

Elizabeth Baldwin presents Learning Letters posted at Learn Live Laugh, saying, "A great resource for moms of children ages 0-5 who want to make every day full of fun, exciting, educational opportunities."

crunchybetty presents Rosemary and Lavender Softening Hair Rinse posted at Crunchy Betty, saying, "Love your carnival. Hope this fits in somewhere. Thanks!"

presents How To Make A Simple Seed Starting Soil posted at Top LED Grow Lights.

That concludes this "First of Summer" Edition.
Be sure to submit your blog article to the next edition of the homesteading carnival thc
using our carnival submission form.



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