Monday, June 21, 2010

Carnival # 151 "Good-bye Spring" Edition

Welcome to the June 21, 2010
"Good-bye Spring" Edition
of the homesteading carnival

The Backyard Grower presents June Veggie Planting posted at Bobbie Whitehead.

Vickie Heully presents June 2010 Garden Pics posted at, saying, "I am a novice gardener. Still earning my green thumb, but I'm sharing how well our garden is doing."

Laura Grace Weldon presents Peas & Joy posted at Bit of Earth Farm, saying, "Peas in the pod leave us no choice. It’s time to sit on the porch, bowl in lap, for the highly inefficient process of shelling."

Linda@NHE presents Mosquito Bites Natural Remedies posted at Natural Health Ezine, saying, "Learn how to naturally take care of mosquito bites right away before they get too bothersome."

BWL presents Free Printable Manufacturers Grocery Coupons posted at Christian Personal Finance, saying, "These are 4 great websites you can visit if you are wanting to print your own free grocery coupons..."

Karen Eisenbraun presents Keep Skin Safe In The Summer posted at Healthy Theory.

Fred Lee presents Can Family Be Friends? posted at Parenting Squad.

mountain ann presents I, Apiarian - undoing the cluelessness.... posted at Triangle Pine, saying, "WHAT?!! Ann's going to learn how to keep bees? But she's CLUELESS!"

Pamela Jorrick presents Blah, Blah, Blog: Tadpole Trauma posted at Blah, Blah, Blog.

That concludes this "Good-bye Spring" Edition.
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