Monday, May 24, 2010

Carnival # 147 ~ "Morning" Edition

Orkut Scraps - Good Morning

Welcome to the May 24, 2010

"Morning" Edition

of the homesteading carnival

Dana presents On slaughtering our first chickens and Of garbage and dreams posted at Roscommon Acres.

MomToCherubs presents Garden Progress posted at Simply Beck's Bounty.

Linda@NHE presents How To Naturally Clean Wood Floors posted at Natural Health Ezine, saying, "Cleaning floors can be a bear, but these are some ways you can clean them naturally..."

Laura Grace Weldon presents Remedies to Charm, Not Harm posted at Bit of Earth Farm, saying, "I've discovered that healing doesn't lie in any of these substances, it lies in my family’s strong dislike of being dosed with them."

Fred Lee presents Link Between Pesticides and ADHD Confirmed posted at Parenting Squad.

Karen Eisenbraun presents Add Spices to Your Burger to Reduce Cancer Risk posted at Healthy Theory.

Reynold Austins presents all kinds of articles for your concrete needs over at Pavers Over Concrete.

mountain ann presents How To Make My Great Grandmother's Famous Puzzle Potholders Part 2 - The Conclusion! posted at Triangle Pine, saying, "Here's part two! Hope you enjoy it :)"

Wise Bread presents How and Why to Make Good Pan Gravy posted at Wisebread.

Renee Benzaim presents How to Buy True Wrought Iron Designs posted at Wrought Iron Designs, saying, "With increasing recognition of the value of quality wrought iron designs, they are again becoming important to homeowners, interior designers, architects, and collectors. They know the value of true wrought iron designs."

That concludes this "Morning" Edition.

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