Monday, April 19, 2010

carnival # 142 "Do-It-Yourself" Edition

Welcome to the April 19, 2010
"Do-It-Yourself" Edition
of the homesteading carnival.

Lara DeHaven presents Ducks posted at Texas Homesteader.

Laura presents Trouble in the Chicken Coop posted at Living Our Way.

Laura Grace Weldon presents Cow Powered Treadmill? posted at Bit of Earth Farm, saying, "Cows on our farm generate milk, calves and contentment. But we hear confinement folks are up to something new. Can you believe cow treadmills?"

Linda@NHE presents How Cinnamon And Honey Can Help Your Health posted at Natural Health Ezine, saying, "It turns out there are tons of great health benefits of eating honey and cinnamon everyday, these are just a few..."

Richard Adams presents 7 Amazingly Good Reasons Start Growing Your Own Food posted at Eco Living Advice.

Renee Benzaim presents Tools & Tips for Compost Making posted at Compost Tumblers & Compost Making, saying, "There are tried and true methods for compost making but, if you don't follow them, you'll end up with a mucky mess or a dried out pest farm. Here are some tips to help your compost be perfect."

Ana Paula
presents Top 100 Gardening Blogs posted at Construction Management Degrees.

TSW Blog presents Yard Sale Deals: Where To Buy Cheap Treasures posted at The Smarter Wallet, saying, "Thanks!"

Mrs. Frugal
presents Baby Steps to a Sustainable, Self-Sufficient Lifestyle posted at Cool to be Frugal.

BWL presents Win-Win Bargaining posted at Money in the Bible | Christian Personal Finance Blog, saying, "A look at the keys to Win-Win Bargaining…"

That concludes this "Do-It-Yourself" Edition. Be sure to submit your blog article to the next edition of the homesteading carnival using our carnival submission form.

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