Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Carnival # 145 ~ "Spring Things" Edition

Welcome to the May 10, 2010
"Spring Things" Edition
of the homesteading carnival

Last spring someone posted a dandelion jelly so why not try Dana's Capture the fragrance of spring with lilac jelly! posted at Roscommon Acres.

Lara DeHaven presents Purple Lips and Purple Thumbs along with a yummy recipe. No she doesn't use lilacs. It is posted at Texas Homesteader.

Tisha Dotson presents 100 Incredibly Creative Arts & Crafts Blogs posted at Online Degrees.

Vera Lang presents How to Sew a Reversible Beach Blanket posted at Fine Craft Guild .com, saying, "Anyone could use this great beach/garden blanket that you could just whip up in no time and use any time, anywhere. In fact, I'm making an extra one to have in the car.... It's just one of those great craft ideas that you'd wish you'd make earlier..."

Do you have a reluctant reader? Maybe Fred Lee's idea presented at Parenting Squad is just the thing you need to help your reader try Book Buddies: Kids and Dogs.

Linda@NHE presents Natural Remedies for Foot Odor posted at Natural Health Ezine, saying, "Does anyone in your family have stinky feet? These are a few ways to cure it naturally..."

presents Building our first Aquaponics system posted at No Ordinary Homestead, saying, "Aquponics is a great setup that can provide your family with fresh fish and homegrown veggies year round...with a lot less effort than gardening in the dirt. We just started our first system and already love it."

BWL presents Create A Monthly Household Budget posted at Christian Personal Finance, saying, "You desire to be financially fit. You want to dump the debt, build your savings, and invest like never before. But before all that, comes the difficult task of creating a budget...

June Tree presents Debt Solutions To Break Out Of The Debt Cycle posted at The Digerati Life, saying, "Some ideas to get out of debt."

That concludes this "Spring Things" Edition.

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