Monday, April 5, 2010

carnival # 140 "Glitch in the System" Edition

Welcome to the April 5, 2010

"Glitch in the System" Edition

of the homesteading carnival

This week I had over 5o entries for the carnival in my mailbox. However, I think there must have been a glitch in the carnival manager site that forwards the submissions to me. There were a lot of repeats from the past three months at least. I've tried to weed out the repeats. I trust I didn't weed out some that weren't repeats. ARGH! I hate it when computers foul up. I trust however, you'll enjoy the submissions that I did keep. Happy Week to you all and Think Spirng!

Mountaineer Country presents Trying to Grow Lavender for our Kitchen Garden posted at Mountaineer Country.

MomToCherubs presents The Making Of A Garden posted at Simply Beck's Bounty.

Michelle @ Delightful Learning presents Starting Seeds {My Hopes and Plans} posted at Delighting in the Journey.

Karen Eisenbraun presents Pet Ownership: Is It Good For Your Health? posted at Healthy Theory.

Laura presents Chicken Tractors posted at Living Our Way.

Michelle @ Delightful Learning presents Spring Chicks posted at Delighting in the Journey.

Lara DeHaven
presents Busy as a Bee posted at Texas Homesteader.

Fred Lee presents Summer Clothes Increase UV Exposure posted at Parenting Squad. presents How To Save Cash on Summer Camp posted at Billeater.

BWL presents 9 Surprising Habits to Simplify Family Life posted at Money in the Bible | Christian Personal Finance Blog, saying, "Having a family isn’t a free pass for chaos. In fact, it’s a rich opportunity to reduce the consumption of mindless entertainment, cheap toys and easy meals. By setting parameters and expectations your children will progress responsibly. Below is a list to help you reclaim a full life with your children. It lays out a reasonable guide that will eliminate certain hassles, give you as parents more control and, most importantly, bring calmness to the time spent as a family…"

Lori Vaughn presents Chicken Fried Hamburgers posted at Two Southern Girls.

Linda@NHE presents How To Tenderize Beef With Baking Soda posted at Natural Health Ezine, saying, "Have you ever noticed that when you eat at a Chinese restaurant, the meat is always so soft and tender? A lot of Chinese recipes recommend tenderizing beef and other meat with baking soda..."

TSW Blog presents 8 New or Changed 2009 Tax Credits That Can Save You Hundreds posted at The Smarter Wallet, saying, "Be aware of the tax credits that can help you save money."

Jerry Rogers presents 50 Effective Feng Shui Tips For Your Dorm Room posted at Nursing School Search Blog.

That concludes this "Glitch in the System" Edition.

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