Monday, February 8, 2010

Carnival # 132 ~ "Late Evening" Edition

Welcome to the February 8, 2010
"Late Evening" edition
of the homesteading carnival.

Let's start out our carnival with some Valentine ideas. Since this week is Valentine's week.

Make it from Scratch presents 10 Kid Made Valentine Ideas posted at Make It From Scratch. or you could try your hand at the adorable ladybug valentine that is posted at Skip to my Lou.

Trent presents Nine Tactics for a Frugal Valentine's Day posted at the Simple Dollar.

How about some different variations of heart garlands. Posted at Little Birdie Secrets you'll find heart string and hang your heart. Cindy posted a Crochet Heart Garland at Skip to my Lou.

In the Idea Room we have a heart felt wreath craft posted.

Rose Denson presents Homemade Rose Dusting Powder Recipe posted at Grandma Rosie's Texas Home, saying, "I am longing for spring and all that it brings. Ready for my rose garden to wake up and charm me."

Jenny Stowe presents Top 40 Scrapbooking Blogs to Remember posted at Masters In Healthcare, saying, "This article is full of ideas to help people with scrapbooking to enjoy life and all of the memories they are creating along the way."

Miss Rachel presents Homemade Doughnuts posted at A City On A Hill, saying, "Try your hand at making some deliciously bakery-style homemade doughnuts as a special treat for your family!"

Abi presents Brownie Butterscotch Explosion posted at lighter side.

The Backyard Grower
presents Cabbage and Apples posted at Bobbie Whitehead.

NHE presents Is Organic Food Healthier? posted at Natural Health Ezine, saying, "A look at the benefits of eating organic food rather than conventional..."

MomToCherubs presents What's Growin' ? posted at Simply Beck's Bounty.

Well, Mom may not know what's growing, but Miss Rachel does.

Miss Rachel presents Wild Garlic posted at A City On A Hill, saying, "Have you ever harvested wild garlic? take a look at what it looks like. :)"

Stephanie presents Life is Good without the Car posted at Stop the Ride!.

so if you don't have a car maybe a walk in the rain will be good.

Pamela Jorrick presents A Break In The Rain posted at Blah, Blah, Blog.

or riding a pig.

Stephanie presents Today I Rode a Pig posted at Adventures in the 100 Acre Wood.

How about breaking a horese?

Lara DeHaven presents Halter Breaking posted at Texas Homesteader.

Condo Blues presents Keep in the Heat: Insulate Outlets and Switches posted at Condo Blues.

Renee Benzaim
presents The Bokashi System - Use It With Your Compost Tumbler Or Other Compost Making System posted at Bokashi - an Alternative to Compost Tumblers?, saying, "If you want a quick, odor free way to turn your kitchen refuse into usable nutrients for your garden, bokashi is your answer. Bokashi is a compost making system that ferments ALL of your kitchen refuse instead of decomposing it, and it only takes two weeks.

That concludes this week's "Late Evening" edition.

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