Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Carnival # 129 ~ "Swine" Edition

Sorry folks, "I'm late, I'm late!...." isn't that from Alice in Wonderland? I believe Rabbit said it. Shannon at Mountaineer Country has posted on time. I forgot to get it up on the web site. Sorry!

Head over to Mountaineer Country for her "Swine" Edition of the Homesteading Carnival. It's a small edition this week so it won't take you long.

Please everyone, let's see if we can't bring some life back into this carnival. It is so easy to post an article for this carnival using this form here. We need articles of all types: recipes, crafts, how-tos for the homestead, etc.

We can also use hosts starting in Feb. It isn't that hard to post a carnival and it brings more traffic to your site. Get hosting information here.

Next week's host will be Abi @ Lighter Side.



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