Monday, December 28, 2009

Carnival # 126 ~ 'Good-bye to 2009' Edition

Welcome to the December 28, 2009
"Good-bye to 2009" Edition
of the homesteading carnival thc.

I just had to post this post because I'm the host; Host can post what they wish within limits. Check out this fun Winter Yard Art @ P & P.

Since we're in the winter spirit, how about checking this winter craft out at Robin's Blog: Heart of Wisdom. Cool idea for using coffee filters to make Snowflakes. Your kids will love it too.

How about some really cute edible winter fun. These Melting Snowman Cookies should melt your heart that Erica posted at The Sojourner.

Maybe you'd like to make some Snow Ice Cream. Quirky Momma has a fun recipe she shared.

You and your child will have Smore fun making these Smore Cupcakes posted by Budget Crafting. They'd be great for any New Year's party. While you're there check out the Snowman Candy bar cover idea. What child wouldn't love to see this cute character at the party.

Stephanie who blogs at Make it from Scratch has shared a recipe for some Homemade Honey Roasted Peanuts. I'm sure these would be a great hit at the New Year's party too.

Miss Rachel posted at A City On A Hill two recipes for us. The first one is Hot Broccoli Dip saying, "This is a dip that even the not so veggie-liking people will love. Its cheesy. Its hot. Its delicious! It has some of the not-so-favourite ingredients in it." And the second one a wonderful bread Challah… , saying, "I was looking over the recipes in the Taste of Home magazine I got from my swap sister and saw there was a recipe for challah there. It was slightly different from the challah I usually make, so I decided to try it.

Two more recipes that may make a hit at any party could be the ones posted at Tammy's Thoughts. Try some Homemade V-8 Juice or a Mexican Casserole.

Chinese Chews may make a big party hit too. You can find this recipe posted by Joelle at The Recipe Box.

What homestead doesn't need to have a Well-Stocked Pantry but the winter time is best time to be prepared just in case you get snowed under as I did this past weekend. (We had over 25 inches of snow dumped on us here in Grand Forks, ND). Head over to Real Food Fast! and check out her wonderful tips.

One last yummy recipe to try out for the party crowd. Head on over to Harmony Hollow and check out the Bosch recipe there.

How about making the party hostess a nice thank-you gift. Why not try your hand at this clever Washcloth Rollup. Lori has given step-by-step directions to make one at Telling Secrets. What a neat gift it would make. Could even make one for your own little self.

How about making some improvements around the homestead this New Year?

JT has 7 Frugal Tips on Care and Cleaning your Clothes posted at The Smarter Wallet andTSW has posted help on How To Get A Free FICO Credit Score at The Smarter Wallet, saying, "A lot of people are not familiar with their credit rating. Here are some tips on keeping an eye on your credit."

Living Cheap Now has presented some advice on How to give a Room a new look when your broke. However, you may want to look into Tabitha Mcivers article on Top 10 Hilarious DIY Home Projects Gone Terribly Wrong posted at Construction management degree before you get started. What bloopers! Maybe you'll learn what not to do.

Quirky Momma has posted some tips for Tiny Storage Solutions for Cluttered Spaces. Now that may be a good place to start off the new year. Getting organized.

Start the New Year off right saving money. SVB presents Free Savings Account For Your Savings Goals: SmartyPig Review posted at The Digerati Life, saying, "Here's a great way to save money. This savings account allows you to engage others in helping you save for your goals. Or teach your kids how to save with SmartyPig."

This concludes this 'Good-bye to 2009' Edition.

I'd like to wish you all...

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