Monday, November 23, 2009

Carnival # 122 ~ No Rhyme or Reason Edition

Welcome to the November 23, 2009
No Rhyme or Reason Edition
of the homesteading carnival

Since this is Thanksgiving week, Things can get hectic and already are I'm naming this the No Rhyme or Reason Edition because it is just all thrown together. However, I'd like to wish you all a very myspace graphic comments

Quirky Momma presents Homemade Icecream posted at, saying, "Great for on top of Pumpkin Pie! My kids love to help make it with me!"

Dana presents Taking time for the present posted at Principled Discovery.

Dina-Marie Oswald presents Got Milk? posted at Dimes 2Vines.

Make it from Scratch presents Canning and Using Stew Meat posted at Make It From Scratch.

Andrea presents So just what have we been doing..... posted at The Learning Pomegranate, saying, "Homesteading Urban Style"

Lara DeHaven presents Versatile Venison posted at Texas Homesteader.

Stephanie presents Strawberries Gone Wild posted at Stop the Ride!.

Case Ernsting presents From Coffee Tables to Coffee Tins : A Brief
History of Collecting Coffee Memorabilia posted at Home and Decor, saying, "Collecting is a very common hobby. In this post we look at collecting coffee memorabilia through the ages. Coffee has been vital to the workday for generations, and these collectibles show off the industry's majesty."

Annette Berlin presents 5-Minute Vegetarian Taco Salad posted at Craft Stew, saying, "This is the perfect weekday recipe…it’s quick, all-in-one, nutritious, and tasty. Plus, it’s vegetarian!"

Lori Vaughn presents Make It Yourself Christmas #2 Clipboard posted at Telling Secrets.

Christmas Cards Designs posted at Home Life Weekly, saying, "I have put together a great selection of Christmas Card designs they are really easy to make all you need to do is download the free Christmas Card design of you choice then print and fold"

Kobus Venter presents Make charcoal in your own backyard posted at Vuthisa, saying, "Don't burn your yard waste. Make your own charcoal instead."

Build A Shed presents How To Build A Pole Barn: The Basics posted at Build A Shed, saying, "Making sure we have enough storage on our homesteads is important. One of the cheapest and most popular methods of creating storage is to build a pole barn. This post gives an insight into how to build a pole barn."

TSW presents Start Saving Money! How Banks Pay You To Save posted at The Smarter Wallet, saying, "This could be helpful to homesteaders: banks are encouraging us to save by offering special saving programs to customers."

SVB presents Best Ways To Invest Small Amounts of Money posted at The Digerati Life, saying, "Here are tips to invest small amounts of money. You only need $100 a month to build a nest egg over time!" myspace graphic comments

That concludes this our No Rhyme or Reason edition of THC .
Be sure to Submit your blog article to the next edition of the homesteading carnival using our carnival submission form.

Next Week's Host will be Suzanne @ God is Good



  • At November 24, 2009 at 11:44 AM , Anonymous Rachel said...

    Thanks for creating an interesting list! I am looking forward to the Make-it Christmas ideas and the charcoal! Thanks for including us! We feel honored!

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