Monday, April 6, 2009

Spring Happenings....Carnival Edition

Carnival # 90

Why not take a little time out for yourself and visit with Rose at Grandma Rosie's Texas Home she has put together the carnival for us this week.
Here's what you'll find in the carnival this week:

Recipes for...

Blackberry pie filling recipe, Apple Turnovers, hasseleback potatoes, pecan tarts, potato and cornflake casserole, pizza dough, salt raising bread

Information on:

broiling, roasting, stewing and frying

Reading the right book

learn about composting toilet, how to get rid of roaches,

budget 10 easy steps, 10 small gift ideas.

Let's get the whole carnival here.

Indoor Garden Musings will be host of the carnival next week.

Don't forget to get your submissions in for next week's carnival.
Use this easy carnival form here.



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