Monday, March 23, 2009

Oak Hill Homestead carnival edition

Welcome to this week's Homesteading Carnival!

Spring has arrived, on the calendar if not in your neck of the woods. Spring gives most of us a "shot in the arm", a burst of energy to get projects started (and hopefully completed). Here is a look at what our homesteading friends are working on these days. Let's start outside:

Heather Levin presents The Benefits of a Living Roof posted at The Greenest Dollar. "Living roofs save energy and offer a whole host of other benefits. Learn why living roofs are so cool... " In my opinion they are so pretty too!......... (Join Kathi over @ Oak Hill Homestead for the remainder of the carnival)

Next Week's host will be:
Host blog ¤ The Sojourner
Scheduled for ¤ Mar 30, 2009

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