Monday, March 2, 2009

Weekly carnival up

This week's carnival is up and ready for reading. However, before getting to that Please Take a minute and see the schedule for April. I have a date open and one that I'm still waiting to hear from. We're always looking for new host. Let me know if you are interested in hosting. This brings exposure to your blog and it is fun and easy to do.

Now for the 85th Edition of Homesteaders Carnival...Stephanie over at Make It From Scratch has put some time into this edition. Check it out. Here's just a sample to wet your taste buds....

When you think of homesteading what comes to mind? Do you picture a covered wagon, vast tracts of land, and a log cabin? Though that may be an accurate historical picture of homesteading, modern homesteading is a little different.

Modern homesteaders may have a bit of land, or they may live in the country with a small plot of land. They may even live right next door to you in the suburbs. What the modern homesteader has in common with the historical picture that word brings to mind is the desire to do things for themselves, and to achieve some measure of self sufficiency.

The Garden
The most common place to achieve a bit of self sufficiency is in the form of a garden....

Now read the rest of the carnival here.

Next Week's Carnival will be at Lighter Side

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