Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Travel and Learn Edition

I must say that Abi at the Lighter Side had been one the carnival's most faithful participants since it started. I just wanted to say thank you Abi for all your submissions and help!

Join Abi this week for the Travel and Learn Edition:
My what computers have done for us in this day and age. Just think about how far we've come! What is in store for their use in the future? It's mind boggling! You can set right at home and go anywhere in the world and learn about anything that you wish with just one click of a button...." Homestead Carnival # 79 ~ Travel and Learn Edition

Next week:
Host blog ¤ Walking Therein
Scheduled for ¤ Jan 26, 2009
Submission deadline ¤ Jan 25, 2009 23:59:38 -0500
Current status ¤ This edition is upcoming.
Carnival ¤ the homesteading carnival thc
Maintained by ¤ The Homesteading Carnival

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