Sunday, November 23, 2008

Final Call!

You only have a little while to get your submission in for this week's carnival. I think I will continue the carnival for a little while longer as we seem to be getting more submissions as of late, but I'm still not sure if that means I will continue in definitely. It will help let more know about this carnival if you have the icon on your site and use social networks (like stumbleupon, twitter, etc)!

Here are some links that I wanted to share with you from this week. I hope you will enjoy them!

Home-Educator Appreciation Day via GGMagazine
Respecting Younger Brothers by 17yo via Feelin' Feminine
Join Our Social Groups via Feelin' Feminine
Update on the HSBAwards Almost there… via the HSBA Post
I Remember Being A New Homeschool Mom via Walking Therein


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