Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Carnival # 108 Edition

This week's carnival is up and ready for viewing. There are so many neat ideas in this issue you won't want to miss reading it. You can try a new Ice or Blender mocha recipe along with instructions for making a nice homemade starbucks coffee wrap. I think these are just adorable. I may have to try my hand at making one of them.

You'll find a post on making a quill pen. One on ideas for getting your kids more active and moving in games + for the college student 100 awesome ideas of things to make for your dorm room with duct tape. Recipes (can't forget them).... And MORE....So why not just head over to Handmade at the Farm for your Carnival this week.

Don't forget to post your articles for next week's carnival. Use this easy form here.
If you want to be a host
please email me.

Our host next week will be Abi @ Lighter Side. She's going to try to do a Back to School issue so get your ideas in.



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